Premio Adrenalina 3.0

Jesus Sub Luce Robotante

A perception of chromatic dynamism, with well-balanced tones that break the staticity of the artwork. The chromaticity felt, about its intangible intensity, let us submit that work to our sensibility. Each of us can do that observing it.

Solid wood box, blue lacquered, with colored nylon fiber and LED lights.

Dimensions: cm/inch 0.80 x 1.00 x 0.10

Civic Museum “U. Matroianni” Marino (Italy)

Santa Rita Room, Roma
Silver Class Award
Oct-Dec 2016

Setup Art Fair

State of art Gallery - Personal "Linear Symmetry"

Bologna, Italy
Jan 2017

By Angelo Cortese

The scientific concept of the world has focused its attention on the simplicity of nature. These principles are based on Carmen Carriero’s “Linear Simmetry” pictorial research, creating amazing works with bright and twisted wire structures to build a stable balance of doubled lines on reflected planes from a mirrored background. They are works that, with their filtered lights, offer a series of geometric syntheses that are conducted to a pure linear gameplay of three-dimensional chromatic surfaces. This is a refined and fantastic game, very technical in its structures, but with accents of a subtle poetry and sweet fun. The subtlety of color matching, supports the contemplative world, all projected into a dimension of harmonious “cosmic” balance and geometric abstraction where sometimes a millimeter is perceived as a mutation.